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Home Value Stories


My name is Jamie Owen. I am a Residential Real Estate Appraiser. This podcast is designed for consumers who are looking to learn more about real estate appraisals and other things related to real estate. 

The views expressed in my podcast are mine and may not be reflective of other real estate professionals. The information in this podcast is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and should not be taken as legal advice. 

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Thanks again for listening to my show. I hope you enjoy it!

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 I'm your host, Jamie Owen. Let's have some fun visiting about real estate! 


Jamie Owen


Apr 26, 2021

Are you thinking about selling your home? Have you considered staging it? What is staging, and how can it help you sell your home more quickly, and for potentially more money? 

In this episode, I discuss how home staging got its start. I also visit with REALTOR and professional home stager (and cat rescuer), Kara...

Mar 27, 2021

In this hot real estate market, home prices are being bid up to levels that defy logic. That begs the question, what does market value really mean? Is it simply the price someone is willing to pay for a home, or is more involved? I discuss the matter in this episode. I hope you enjoy it!

Feb 28, 2021

At the end of many appraisal observations, aka inspections, a well intentioned homeowner or Realtor will ask me what I think about what the market value of the home is going to be.

In this episode, I discuss at what point in the appraisal process the appraiser has developed their opinion of the market value of the...